My Bucket List



Honestly, the movie “The Bucket List” with Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson was one I highly anticipated and was deeply let down by a few years ago. However, since then, I have been coming up with ideas for thing I want to do or accomplish before I kick the bucket. For some reason though I never wrote them down… until now! You’ll see that I have a bit of a dangerous side, as well as see how much of a Disney junkie I am. So, without further ado, here is my bucket list! (In no particular order)

  • Sit courtside at an NBA game (accomplished 11.28.12)
  • See an NBA game at every team’s home arena (4 down!)
  • Go on a real, African safari
  • Witness a Great White Shark jump out of the water
  • Go to Israel (happening next month!)
  • Visit Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure
  • Visit a Disney park in one or more different countries of the US of A
  • Spend the night in Cinderella’s Castle Suite
  • Be, at least once, a skipper on the Jungle Cruise
  • Run the Walt Disney World marathon
  • Unknowingly witness a flashmob happening around me
  • Participate in a flashmob for someone else
  • Go on an adventurous, spur of the moment vacation with my wife… the kind where you show up to the airport and take the next available flight
  • Be a contestant on The Price Is Right or The Wheel of Fortune
  • Write a book
  • Go scuba diving, preferably to feed sharks
  • Retake a picture with Michael Jordan
  • Go gator hunting at night

I’d love to hear some of yours! Please leave a comment below.


2 thoughts on “My Bucket List

  1. Play the Ocean Course at Kiawah Island, Spend a week in New York during Christmas, Watch a baseball game at Fenway Park, Drive across country, learn to snow ski at Telluride, preach at Journey.

  2. What about an Executive Pastor? How about ride a Harley? How about fighting a gator? How about renting a Island with your kids?
    The last being my favorite…I will never forget that son.
    I love You and Pray you achieve all these things.

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