Here’s How I Plan To Be Ready For The 2014 Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend


On Friday my family and I went to Walt Disney’s Hollywood Studios. We were there because I promised my 4 year old son Landon that I would take him to ride Star Tours. He finally mustered up the courage… The Force within… to ride it. After riding it 4 times, I think it’s safe to say that he had a good time!

Here’s what I couldn’t stop noticing… As we were walking throughout the park and then heading back toward the Disney Boardwalk, there were a ton of folks wearing highly fluorescent, flamboyant colors. Bright shoes. Bright clothes. And, tons of spandex. There were even families sporting their Family 5K medals. There was an energy and  excitement about those who just completed their race and those who were preparing for it. I kept thinking to myself, “I want that!” I hate to run but I love to race and, most importantly, I love Disney. I think it is a win, win.

So, I have decided to work toward running the Walt Disney World 1/2 Marathon next year. I now have 52 weeks to prepare. Here’s how I plan on accomplishing this endeavor:

1. I have turned to some well known running coaches for advice. With the help of the Orange County Library, I was able to recruit the help of Hal Higdon and Jeff Galloway. Today I picked up Hal Higdon’s “Marathon: The Ultimate Training Guide” and ordered Jeff Galloway’s “Galloway’s Book on Running” to arrive at my front door. (I love the Orange County Library system!) I plan on reading and receiving all the advice and tips that I can from experienced runners like these guys and others that I know.


2. If you read my first blog post (2013’s Goals & Resolutions) then you know I plan on running a 10K on the regular. For these next 8 weeks I created a plan that will help me get there. It was based off of Hal Higdon’s Novice 10K Training Program. He has several different plans you can work with depending on your running level and distance goal. Click here to see the plan I worked off of. Below is the plan that I created and will use:


3. After I complete this plan, I will move on to another to work towards building up to 1/2 Marathon distance. Which will complete another 2013 Goal of mine. I am still looking to pursue November’s Tough Mudder as well.

I have a feeling that this year is going to be a fun, yet challenging one. I am planning for year filled with some of my greatest accomplishments and moments. However, I am willing to share! If you would like to team up and become a running buddy. Feel free to let me know! I could use the accountability and partnership!


My Bucket List



Honestly, the movie “The Bucket List” with Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson was one I highly anticipated and was deeply let down by a few years ago. However, since then, I have been coming up with ideas for thing I want to do or accomplish before I kick the bucket. For some reason though I never wrote them down… until now! You’ll see that I have a bit of a dangerous side, as well as see how much of a Disney junkie I am. So, without further ado, here is my bucket list! (In no particular order)

  • Sit courtside at an NBA game (accomplished 11.28.12)
  • See an NBA game at every team’s home arena (4 down!)
  • Go on a real, African safari
  • Witness a Great White Shark jump out of the water
  • Go to Israel (happening next month!)
  • Visit Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure
  • Visit a Disney park in one or more different countries of the US of A
  • Spend the night in Cinderella’s Castle Suite
  • Be, at least once, a skipper on the Jungle Cruise
  • Run the Walt Disney World marathon
  • Unknowingly witness a flashmob happening around me
  • Participate in a flashmob for someone else
  • Go on an adventurous, spur of the moment vacation with my wife… the kind where you show up to the airport and take the next available flight
  • Be a contestant on The Price Is Right or The Wheel of Fortune
  • Write a book
  • Go scuba diving, preferably to feed sharks
  • Retake a picture with Michael Jordan
  • Go gator hunting at night

I’d love to hear some of yours! Please leave a comment below.

2013’s Goals & Resolutions


As with the closing of every year, we all struggle come up with resolutions and have an even more difficult time following through with them. This year I had set one resolution… to read more. And, not to brag, but I am proud to say that I read 17+ books this year. Not all of them were serious and studious, but it still counted for me… it was progress.

So, looking ahead to 2013 I came up with 8 goals and resolutions. Please feel free to ask how I am doing with any of these. Part of putting these out in public is the expectation of others holding me accountable to them. Here we go…

  1. My first is to continue my goal from last year. So, I will make an effort to read as much as I can. Readers are leaders.
  2. Start to blog again. I have toyed with this off and on and had ultimately came to a blogging freeze. Like my boy MJ said in his simple, two word press release, “I’m back!”
  3. Pick up after myself. This one is at the request of my wife, Amanda. She is tired of tripping over my shoes, picking up my belts, and putting away the ironing board. I figured I’d throw her a bone and add this to my list. It will also work for my good as well.  Maybe if I put my stuff away I would still have my favorite watch… my $20 Casio Calculator watch…
  4. Run a 10K regularly. I would like to work myself up to running 6 miles at least once a week.
  5. I would also like to get in the routine of eating good again. I’m not calling this a diet. My mantra is “making a good choice, one meal at a time.”
  6. My hope is that resolution 4 + resolution 5 = a loss of 20 pounds. That’s the goal. I’d like to weigh in at a slim 200 lbs. It is going to be a challenge since I am now training on my own, but I believe I can do it!
  7. Drink more water. Notice I didn’t say I wanted to drink less soda. It is well known that I am a Diet Mt. Dew addict. I know that stuff is not good for me, but I also know that if my resolution is not to drink soda I will fail miserably. So, I want to up my water intake for now. I’ll worry about soda later… maybe in 2014. 😉
  8. Finally, I want to compete in the Tough Mudder or another half marathon. I prefer the Tough Mudder because of the obstacles. Obstacle Racing has become a new passion of mine. However, I would settle for a half marathon… even with all the princesses at Disney. 

I hope you enjoyed this and will keep me accountable to all 8 of these. Let’s do this together. Share your goals and resolutions for 2013.